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About us

La calidad en la ejecución de los proyectos es, sin duda, nuestro valor diferenciador.


Constructora Paramount

We are a company dedicated to the construction of civil works for both the public and private sectors. Our company is backed by the experience of our formidable team of Architects and Engineers and a highly trained and updated staff in contemporary and modern construction, in addition to having the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

With more than 13 years of experience and a large portfolio of satisfied customers, the objective of Constructora Paramount, SRL, is channeled in the construction of commercial projects, and residential projects, where through our experience, we have optimized the time and quality of our works, with an economic benefit for our clients, improving their quality of life.

We have a Project Management Department within which, in addition to creating a new project, we develop its planning, execution of architectural and technical designs, construction budget, schedule, up to the execution of the work itself.

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Paramount Group

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Through our Project Management, we develop the structuring of independent projects, fully satisfying the needs of our clients in the following aspects:

  • General Project Study
  • Architectural and technical designs.
  • Elaboration of design schedules.
  • Coordination and administrative management of the necessary studies and procedures.
  • Construction budget.
  • Timeline of activities (Network Diagram, Gantt, etc.)
  • Purchasing, contracting and construction.
  • Financial management.


We have a select group of professionals, which will provide advice in the areas of construction, design, interiors and landscaping.



Our architecture department applies its knowledge and experience in design with creative and innovative options that adapt to the diverse environmental conditions and tastes of the clients.



We develop all types of civil works. Focusing on the quality of the materials, the punctuality in the delivery and above all respecting the budget of our clients.

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