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Building the Future

Construction company in Puerto Plata with more than 17 years of experience in the Dominican Republic market.

Nowadays, architectural design must satisfy the needs of habitable spaces for human beings, both aesthetically and technologically. Understanding design as a creative process directed towards a specific goal, there are certain bases that support its development and creativity.

Passion for construction and architectural design, house plans, facades, apartments, interior design.

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Exclusive Residential Area

We design and build exclusive residences that go beyond conventional architecture. Each home is a masterpiece, fusing contemporary styles with modern conveniences to create unique and inviting spaces.

Modern Commercial Developments

At the heart of business, we create modern commercial developments that are not only functional but also aesthetically stunning. From corporate offices to shopping centers, our focus is on driving success through design and efficiency.

Sustainable Construction

We are committed to sustainable construction, integrating environmentally friendly practices into every project. From the choice of materials to energy efficiency, we work to build a greener future without compromising quality and design.

Custom Interior Design

Beyond walls, we specialize in custom interior design. Each interior space reflects the client's personality and needs, fusing functionality with styles that inspire and delight the senses.

Construction Company in Puerto Plata

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Our Services

The quality in the execution of our projects is, without a doubt, our differentiating value.


We have a select group of professionals, which will provide advice in the areas of construction, design, interiors and landscaping.


Our architecture department applies its knowledge and experience in design with creative and innovative options that adapt to the diverse environmental conditions and tastes of the clients.


We develop all types of civil works. Focusing on the quality of the materials, the punctuality in the delivery and above all respecting the budget of our clients.


We offer maintenance and remodeling services, aware of the importance of keeping your infrastructure in perfect condition and functionality and also to make any type of remodeling according to your needs and requirements, thus preserving the value of your investment.

Featured Projects_

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

Villas Aguamarinas

Villa complexes

Perla Marina, Dom. Rep.


Villa Acqua

Modern Villa

Perla Marina, Dom. Rep.


Villa Royal

Modern Villa

Perla Marina, Dom. Rep.


Villa Heaven

Modern Villa

Perla Marina, Dom. Rep.


Residencial Paramount

9 Apt. building

Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep.


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